The government’s recent announcement on the eve of Monday 10th May 2020 encouraged  businesses & employees to return to work if they are unable to work from home. The decision to reopen schools was also announced with an estimated return date of the 1st June for some selected year groups. Please see this article on the governments guidance on “Actions for education and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1 June 2020”.

The guidance tackles what the latest science says conveniently missing out the fact that despite children not getting severely ill from Covid-19, they are more likely to transmit the disease because of their nature to touch and make contact with the world around them. Recent news articles claimed there were no cases of child to adult transmission and thus it is sensible to start sending children to school again. This incorrect claim has been tackled in this article.

Femtinos was one of the very first organisations to close its doors to its usual activity in early March. We take risk very seriously within our organisation – we have to. Our children dissect organs, use sharp equipment, carry out fire based experiments, use chemicals and other various seemingly dangerous activities. Yet every activity is carefully risk assessed and monitored to ensure the utmost safety of the children involved. When Covid-19 emerged, we were aware that it is impossible to disinfect the hundreds of resources children use within our sessions. It was impossible to ensure children stay safe. We, therefore made the decision to shut our business from our usual face to face delivery and prepare for online workshops and courses.

With new government guidelines and the easing of lockdown at a time where the virus is yet to be controlled, parents will face anxiety over whether or not to send their child to school. It is down to every family to decide on how they feel over the potential risk of bringing the virus home. At Femtinos, we intend to remain in lockdown. We will not be risking the safety of our staff, families and children by reopening and giving the illusion it is safe to return. The safety of people is far more important to us than the turnover of the business.

We urge every family to carefully consider the information and evidence , and potential long term impact the virus may have before making the decision to send their child to school. Please remember, homeschooling is legal in the UK and you can withdraw your child from the school education system if you so need to. Femtinos have supported many families precovid-19 with beginning their homeschooling journey. Our workshops and courses continue to support many more. We are hear to support you during this time – do reach out.

Stay safe