Femtinos has always been known for its exciting hands-on workshops and shows, but, when the virus struck the UK, we were left puzzled. How would we offer what we do when everyone was isolating?

We tested out a few different things. Syd, our founder, set up a YouTube channel “Learn with Syd” where she posted daily YouTube lives for the first 33 days of lockdown.

The YouTube sessions inspired the Science and Maths camp that ran in April. They were a very different way of teaching. Using felt pens & crafting to create beautiful learning portfolios of the work.

In total 8 camps were delivered, including:

Each camp allowed the children to use their creativity along with high level science learning. The topics often covered KS3 and GCSE level content, yet the majority of children participating were primary age .

Three hours of video content, worksheets & solutions and the ability to develop a lovely portfolio all offered at a special lockdown price of £25. Many families booked multiple camps, as the entire family was able to participate.

The exciting news is that these live camps are back! With four new and challenging topics:

The live sessions are due to start week beginning 9th June (ie next week!). There’s still time to book on these unique creative science courses.

Check out some of these beautiful pieces of portfolio work!


Annoyed you missed the four initial camps? You can catch up on playback at the same special lock down price until the end of June!