100 children, 5 continents, a worldwide project…

During the last few months, the Femtinos team has been contemplating on how they can turn the lockdown into a positive memorable experience for children across the globe. Afterall, in many ways the world has become a smaller place during these unprecedented times. Suddenly everyone is online – how could we utilise this to form a new novel and exciting learning opportunity?

Our mission of creating a love of learning is at the heart of everything we do and offer. It was only natural for us to think bigger as the opportunity of being online means our sessions suddenly become available globally.

The World Lockdown Tour was born…The project sets to be the first to connect children from around the globe using the universal language of English as a means of communication over an online video platform. The children will be trained in public speaking skills, improving their English language, whilst sharing their lockdown stories and their cultural heritage with each other.

Little Speakers Club will be working in partnership with The English Corner, a learning centre for adults and children based in the small industrial city of Youssoufia, in Morocco. Salmane, the founder of The English Corner, echoed the excitement and timely manner of the project: “We’re always looking to collaborate with organisations and this project seems perfect for us. The English Corner specialises in instilling English language skills in learners for effective communication. It’s incredibly exciting to be involved in a global movement that connects children at this time of crisis. It brings a feeling of togetherness and hope, and allows the ability
of new friendships to form”.

The initiative is due to launch over the summer period and carry on through to the autumn. Syd (founder of Little Speakers) adds: “We’re using the next few weeks to establish the connections in all the various countries we want to involve in the project. The aim is to have as many people involved across the globe as possible.”


Salmane points out: “Current technology allows the ability to make the world feel united. Syd and I are already on two different continents. Adding a couple more into the mix will spice up the range of languages and cultures the children share with each other” The pair have plans to livestream the content delivered by the children, allowing a much larger reach.

The project is currently seeking sponsorship and funding. “Families have been badly affected across the globe, and we don’t want anyone’s financial situation to stop them from participating” Syd adds.

Little Speakers Club Trialed an small group online course. Watch the kid’s final speeches here

Any families interested in the World Lockdown Tour, can register their details here. Organisations wanting to reach out to the organisations, can drop an email to Worldlockdowntour@gmail.com

The World Lockdown Tour was picked up by the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce on the 2nd July