A Valentines Special…

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day, but at Femtinos Science Camp, it was the heart itself that took centre stage. Young minds eager to delve into the intricacies of anatomy and biology gathered for a special hands-on workshop like no other. With scalpels in hand and curiosity in their hearts, students participated in a Valentines Day event they will never forget!

Parents entrusted their children to the care of Femtinos staff, knowing they were in safe hands as they embarked on an educational adventure. With water bottles in tow and packed lunches at the ready, young scientists were fully prepared to immerse themselves in a day of exploration and discovery.

The day began with a exploration of heart anatomy. The students got out of their seats for a classic warm-up activity and all time favourite at Femtinos, “Kung-fu Science“. We explored the difference between the blood vessels and the four constituents that make up blood; red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma – all through “Kun-fu Science”.

Through interactive demonstrations and engaging discussions, the mysteries of the heart began to unravel. Oh, and let’s not forget about suturing! We learned all about the different types of stitches used by surgeons to close up wounds.

Next up was a journey into the bloodstream. Peering through microscopes, students marvelled at the the tiny blood cells of various different animals, noting their findings in their journals. Understanding the composition of blood is crucial to appreciating its role in sustaining life, and our budding scientists embraced this knowledge with enthusiasm.

But what truly set hearts aflutter was the highlight of the day: the heart dissection. Clad in surgical attire, students stepped into the shoes of surgeons as they carefully explored the chambers and vessels of a real pig’s heart. With guidance from experienced Femtinos staff, they dissected with precision, uncovering first hand the inner workings of this remarkable organ. It was a moment of awe and wonder as science came to life before their very eyes.

Beyond the dissection table, the Femtinos Heart Dissection Camp also offered insights into potential career paths. Students discovered the diverse array of professions linked to the study of the heart. Career cards provided a glimpse into the qualifications and skills required for these roles, inspiring future aspirations in the realm of science and medicine. Half of the students shared their excitement of becoming a medic, surgeon or vet, truly inspired by what they had learnt.

Throughout the day, participants were equipped with their very own Femtinos Heart Learning Journal, a treasure trove of knowledge to revisit and reflect upon their discoveries. As they flipped through its pages, they could relive the excitement of the dissection and reinforce their understanding of cardiovascular science.

As the clock struck three, the Valentines Special Femtinos Heart Dissection Camp drew to a close, but the memories and lessons learned would linger far beyond the confines of the classroom. With hearts full of newfound knowledge and inspiration, participants bid farewell to a day filled with excitement, curiosity, and the beating rhythm of science.