What are Femtinos online courses?

Femtinos are known for their hands on learning workshops bringing high level content and interesting topics and delivering them in an accessible way. Femtinos are passionate about bringing the love and excitement back into children's lives. Our online courses follow this ethos, bringing the learning to your homes through a digital platform and via the delivery of resources. 

What's included?

✅ Valued well over £399 Online course + resources (delivered to your home) for only £199
 ✅ Multiple experiments for your child to do at home
 ✅ Beautiful A2 sized Periodic Table wooden board
 ✅ 6 week online course - you choose when you have sessions - you can complete over a longer period of time if you wish
 ✅ Online FB Support Group - for sharing experiment photos, asking questions and getting support. Join our Femtinos Birmingham Science & Learning Group.
 ✅ Use as a family activity - activities suitable for a range of ideas. Choose the age category that suits your family; Primary (6 to 9 years) or KS3 (10 to 14 years old) Your entire family can share the same resource pack and get involved!

What am I paying for?

The resources, the online course content and delivery to a UK address.

Will my children be doing experiments at home?

Yes! We will provide materials for your child to carry out experiments and activities at home. We do ask parents to be supervising their child when they take part in the online courses.

What do I need to have in order to participate?

A computer with good internet connection
Facebook so you can be added to the support group (not necessary)
There will be other household items that you may be required to have ready but this information will be provided in your resources pack. This may include scissors, bowls etc. Anything not typically found in a home will be included in your resource pack.

Are the sessions live?

No. This allows your child to work at their own pace. The Facebook support group is available if you need any further clarification, but the tutors in the online courses will work through each topic and experiment in a step by step process.

I live abroad, can I still participate?

The delivery of the resources will be more expensive. The difference will be added to your invoice. Please contact us on workshops@femtinos.com to discuss further.

Can I pay in installments?

For UK residents Yes! You can make three monthly installments and at no extra cost. Just select the installment option at checkout.

Will there be future courses?

We are currently developing our online SPACE course. Watch this space!