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Lockdown special online camps designed to keep children engaged with home-learning with minimal resources. It’s the ideal course for homeschoolers and families.

Science CAMP 6 is an introduction to Animal Kingdom in a fun, understandable and accessible way. Courses are suitable for children aged 7/8 to 11 years old. The content stretches students to beyond their age starting from the basics initially.

What do you get in these courses?

You get at upto 10 hours of work – this includes 3 hours of video learning, multiple worksheets with solutions PLUS project work, that will keep the children busy for hours. It’s upto you whether you do this over a week or spread over a month. The courses are designed to encourage children to enjoy the learning process and the beauty of a course such as this, is that you can pause and return to it as and when it suits you!

These camps were originally run live in a closed facebook group, but due to demand, they have been uploaded as a viewable prerecorded course. Please visit the workshop section for info on current live workshops and courses.

For this course you will need:

  • A4 white paper
  • Felt pens
  • Pen / Pencil

Course Content

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Session 1: Animal Kingdom