Welcome to our online Periodic Table Course. This particular course is designed for primary (ages 6 to 9 years old)

We are very excited to have you on board and hope you enjoy the course as much as we have, putting it together.

Remember this course works alongside a Resource Box which will be sent to you in the post in the next 7 working days (if you have not already received). If you have not received this box, please email us on workshops@femtinos.com.

Your box contains the resources you will need to fully benefit from this course. Please note there may be variations in colour, size and content of those materials shown in the videos from your resource box.

Please read the “Before you start” page in your work booklet (found in the General pack box) and ensure you check the content of your boxes against the lists found for each session. There will be some additional materials you may need to purchase which can not be included in the resource box (such as batteries / Alka-seltzer tablets etc).

We hope you enjoy the course and form a love of science, especially chemistry!