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Femtinos 6 Weeks Electrostatics Course!

Course Content:

In this course, students participate in lots of experiments and hands-on learning covering;

  1. Atoms – We deep dive into atomic structure, learning about the different types of particles (electrons, protons and neutrons)
  2. Elements – To form a deeper understanding of atoms, we explore a couple of atomic structures of common elements
  3. Charges – What do atoms have to do with electrostatics? Let’s find out!
  4. Electrostatic Experiments – from plasma balls, to flying foil, we have lots of fun with different experiments, including the classic van-de-graff generator!
  5. Careers – we explore careers linked to the themes covered in this course, what qualifications it takes, and the skills you need


  • 6 interactive classes (2 hours each)
  • A5 Femtinos Electrostatic Learning Journal
  • Career cards

Things to Note:

  • Suitable for ages 5-14 years old
  • parents to drop-off or to wait in reception area
  • please ensure your child has a water bottle


  • Starting Monday 5th Feb 2024 for 6 weeks
  • Finish Monday 11th March (inclusive)
  • 10:30am to 12:30pm each week (2 hour sessions)



  • Highfield Hall Community Centre
    127-129 Highfield Road
    Hall Green
    Birmingham B28 0HS


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